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Check out our award winning chocolate cookies! Grandpa’s Favorite Chocolate Cookie received an Honorable Mention in Create & Decorate Magazine’s 2012 “Cookies for Santa” cookie contest. To view the recipe, click here: Grandpa’s Favorite Chocolate Cookie. ​Our cookies are priced per dozen and the varieties include:

     Cut-Out Sugar Cookies (with sprinkles) - $7 

     Chocolate Chip Cookies - $6

     Snickerdoodles - $6

     Soft Drop Sugar Cookies - $6

     Peanut Butter Blossoms - $7

     Grandpa's Favorite Chocolate Cookie - $8

     Gobs - $10

     Orange Cookies- $6

     Pizzelles - $9

     Ladylocks - $9

     Russian Tea cakes - $6

     Thumbprints - $6

     Mini Cheesecake Bites - $7

     Italian Butter Cookies - $8

     Butter Jams - $9


Iced Cut-Out Sugar Cookies - $2+ each

​             Please note that our iced sugar cookies are priced individually and start at $2 each. The final price is determined by the size

             and design of the cookie. Please contact us for a price quote. 

Looking for a specific cookie? Please let us know! We are happy to work with you.